3 Reasons Why: LA Galaxy Will Win/Lose vs LAFC

Jonathan dos Santos (LA Galaxy) keeping the ball away from Latif Blessing (LAFC) | Photo by Juan Contreras | August 25, 2019
3 Reasons Why: LA Galaxy Will Win/Lose vs LAFC

It’s finally here! The matchup we have waited for since the inception of LAFC into the league in 2018. LA Galaxy vs LAFC in a playoff match; El Trafico but for all the marbles.

Buckle your seatbelts it’s going to be a wild ride. But before we get to the match let’s look at the the three reasons I think the Galaxy will win and the three reasons why they’ll lose this match up of the titans.

LA Galaxy LAFC
Favio Alvarez (LA Galaxy) passing the ball back with LAFC players tracking | Photo by Juan Contreras for LA Soccer Nation | August 25, 2019

Why LA Galaxy Will Lose

LA Galaxy Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic of the LA Galaxy during match against LAFC | Photo by Juan Contreras for LA Soccer Nation | August 25, 2019

Ok, so I know that it’s not what you want to hear and you may skim through this section to get to the good stuff. However, these are more like red flags to look for that will ultimately indicate how we lose the match. I wanted to be specific rather than just saying “defensive errors” so bare with me.

  1. Zlatan is too one dimensional – He is dynamic, he is lethal, he is amazing, but one thing I have seen a bit too much from him at times is he is too stagnant. Not in these match-ups but in other games Zlatan has been caught hanging out at the back post having a sandwich. If you see this, its not a good sign.
  2. Carlos Vela vs anyone not named Diego Polenta – In my view, Polenta is the only player on the Galaxy roster capable of stopping Vela. In the previous matchups, Vela has been the beneficiary of some weak referee decisions. If the ref is fair, Polenta and to a lesser degree Dave Romney and a much lesser degree Jorgen Skjelvik (Please no) can slow down the Mexican forward and hopefully force him right. If the referee is on Vela’s side and calling ticky tack fouls, then Vela is definitely going to score again and that spells doom for the Galaxy.
  3. Jonathan dos Santos getting caught too high up the field – Roll back the tape of both games versus LAFC this season and you will see time and time again LAFC on the counter attack and dos Santos nowhere in the picture. He needs to play a disciplined game in the midfield and be the leader barking out orders the whole game keeping the lines tight. If he lets his emotions get the best of him, expect LAFC to punish the Galaxy on the counter to the tune of an ugly route.

Why LA Galaxy Will Win

LA Galaxy LAFC
LA Galaxy winger Uriel Antuna dribbling away from LAFC players Mark-Anthony Kaye and Jordan Harvey | Photo by Juan Contreras for LA Soccer Nation | August 25, 2019
  1. A rabbit out of a hat – Zlatan, enough said. No really, he has been amazing in these match-ups and if he can replicate it again, it might just be enough to win the match.
  2. David Bingham has the game of his life – Not kidding. Bingham will need to come up with save after save in this one, but if he does, may etch his name in Galaxy lore and squash all the haters.
  3. LAFC are wasteful in the final 3rd again – Ok, so I have seen LAFC play most of their games this season and they are clinical in front of the net, except against the Galaxy. Time and time again on great opportunities we have seen poor decisions, bad touches and glaring misses and that will need to happen again if the Galaxy are to win this match.

Is this what Galaxy fans want to hear? No. But it’s the truth. We need a whole lot of things to go right in this game to win. With a bit of luck and a moment of magic, it might just happen. The battle of LA is about to be played.

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